Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mexican Bandit Attacks the United States

Filipe “Pancho Villa” Calderon has invaded the U.S. and found an ally in America's enemy Obama Bandito.

Ostensibly here to discuss a number of issues, he launched almost immediately into an attack on our immigration policies in general and Arizona's in particular. Arizona is the one state with the gumption to act to stop the flood of illegal immigrants into this country. Naturally, Arizona is under attack from America's enemies within and without our borders.

Calderon, as might be expected, immediately deals the “discrimination” card. Obama, our enemy in the White House, in keeping with his tendency to bow to the wishes of anyone but the American people, backs him up and threatens to seek legal action to block the Arizona law. This he does immediately after a closed door meeting with the Mexican bandit. Both claim the Arizona law might lead to “racial profiling.” That's absurd! Why would local police only stop Mexicans when trying to stop the flow of illegal Mexican aliens? Doesn't it make more sense to stop whites, blacks, orientals, Indians (Hindu), and Arabs? Well...those opposing Arizona's law seem to think so. But then, are they really opposing the immigration law or are they supporting the undermining of our national sovereignty with a flood of aliens who have no loyalty to the U.S.?

While saying the Arizona law “ignores reality” and “introduces racial profiling,” Calderon very graciously acknowledges the right of any country to “enact and enforce its own laws.” Presumably this means laws that don't “ignore reality” and give Calderon what he wants. After this concession he talks of “fixing” the broken system and calls for laws “that work and work well for all.” Is he talking about our laws only or does he include Mexico's. Maybe he's talking about joint laws that apply to both. You don't think that likely? I do. I'll explain why later.

Reaction to Calderon's visit and his attacks on Arizona and U.S. policy has been mixed. As might be expected, the media in general sides with the banditos and parrots the “racial profiling” and “discrimination” charges. So do many well funded “activist” organizations.

On the other hand, most of the letters to the editor and various comments on internet blogs and newsletters seem to indicate, as many reports bear out, that the majority of the people support Arizona and tougher immigration laws and enforcement. Some in Congress feel the same way.

Representative Michael McCaul summed it up well when he told Fox News, “I think it's inappropriate for him to come in and criticize our law. When we go down to Mexico, we don't do that to the Mexicans. The Arizona law is not the problem. The problem is the growing violence down the border and securing the border and the Obama administration enforcing federal law.”

Congressman Lamar Smith expressed disappointment that Calderon didn't talk more about what Mexico will do to curb illegal immigration and improve conditions in Mexico so its citizens will want to stay home. Fox reports that he said, in a written statement, “Instead, President Calderon continues to mischaracterize and criticize domestic policies of the United States. It is not right for the president of another country to come here and criticize our nation or our states for wanting to stop human smuggling and drug trafficking, or secure our border.” I would add that it's certainly not right for a president of the United States to acquiesce to such high-handedness.

Not surprisingly, Calderon claims demand for drugs in the U.S. is the cause of border problems and blames the U.S. for not stopping the flow of weapons to Mexico to arm the drug cartels. I guess it hasn't occurred to him that stopping the drug traffickers in Arizona might stop them from selling the drugs to buy weapons to send south. Or maybe he's just looking for another $1.3B in U.S. taxpayers money to “fight” the cartels. According to one correspondent, he'll get it. He said more money is expected to be made available by the U.S. [Taxpayer] to stop the drug trade.

Just before the meeting of Obama and Calderon, reporter Howard LaFranchi may have inadvertently hit on the crux of the matter. He lamented that the atmosphere for this meeting was darker than that for the meeting in 2001 between Vincenti Fox and Bush. He bemoans the lack of “big ideas.” Mr. Franchi says, “One of the 'big ideas' that Mr. Fox brought north with him in September 2001 was that of a North American community that would eventually include the free movement of people.”

We can excuse Franchi for not knowing that the idea wasn't brought here by Fox. Most people are unaware that the seed of this “big idea” was planted in Philadelphia in 1941-42. It was the plan to create a “North American Union” even more comprehensive than that discussed by the heads of state of Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. behind the backs of the people. Called the “United States of America,” it was embedded in an even more grandiose map and plan to create a “New World Moral Order.”

I said earlier I'd explain why Calderon may have been talking of creating laws that apply to both the Mexican and American people. It also explains why illegal immigration can't (won't) be stopped and why America's enemy, Barack Obama, wants to grant amnesty to the over 11 million fifth-columnists (some say over 25 million) already in the U.S.

Calderon lets the cat out of the bag with these comments. "We can do so if we create a safer border, a border that will unite us instead of dividing us, uniting our people. We can do so with a community that will promote a dignified life in an orderly way for both our countries." Many are wondering who this guy is to come here and tell the President of the United States and our Congress how to conduct our internal affairs. Make no mistake. Calderon was not making suggestions. He was giving orders. Where does he get such authority? Not from Mexico, but from America's ruling party – the Council on Foreign Relations. He speaks with the power of international finance. Calderon appears in a 2003 membership list of the Trilateral Commission as a former member in public service. This globalist cabal was created by the CFR as an elite corps of shock troops to spread globalist ideas throughout North America, Europe, and Japan. Since its creation it has expanded to cover much of the Orient.

The task of Trilateral Members is to promote various aspects of globalism with government and businesses in their respective countries, but they are asked to resign membership when they actually enter the government – probably a cover as they certainly don't give up their goals. When he resigned, Calderon was Mexico's Minister of Energy. If you didn't before, maybe now you understand why I call Calderon and Obama bandits. They are out to steal our liberty and the sovereignty of our States and of our respective countries.

Boycott Mexico! Build a “Border Fence” around Washington, D.C. to keep the criminal elements out of our States!

As an aside in reference to Calderon's comment about Arizona's law "ignoring reality." I've found that, generally speaking, those accusing others of "ignoring" or being "out-of-touch" with reality are not unlike hemorrhoids on a bull's rectum. They accept what passes by them every day as the truth, and they use that to form their concepts of reality.

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