Thursday, July 30, 2009


Recent news told of Obama's visit to China and the visit of a number of U.S. businessmen. Now we read that we have signed a “memorandum” with the Chinese about global warming. There is little doubt in my mind that we will be transferring more U.S. technology to China in return for their “cooperation.” They will, of course, be laughing at us for making concessions in return for agreement to fight the non-existent man made global warming. I suspect my sleep will soon be disturbed by a recurrent dream – really a nightmare.

In the words so often used on TV, I was about to post this when I received “breaking news” from The August Review edited by Patrick Wood*. Obama has nominated Robert Hormats, vice-chairman of Goldman Sachs, to be an Undersecretary of State for Economic, Energy and Agriculture. Expected to be confirmed by the Senate, Hormats will be the twelfth Trilateral Commission member in the Obama administration and the sixth in the State Department where they will be best able to further the anti-American globalist plans of the Commission and its money bosses. Wood says, “It is expected that Hormats will be the lead diplomat in economic negotiations with China and India. Goldman Sachs' commercial relationship with China and India is huge, and has been instrumental in turning both countries into world economic powers.” I would add that Goldman Sachs has also been instrumental in turning America into a third world economy. Sorry, Sir John! Treason doth prosper.

On to my dream. It's even more appropriate in light of this new information. I first had this dream many years ago. Whenever I bought something then, I tried to avoid products made with pure slave labor such as those from Red China. That year I inadvertently bought a gift for someone that was made there. I was upset when I discovered it, but it was too late to do anything about it. That night, a strange sobbing invaded my dreams. It seemed to come from everywhere and yet from nowhere. I had to find out who was crying and why. My other dreams faded and I found myself at the bottom of a snow covered hill. The crying seemed to be coming from above, so I climbed to the top. There I saw a young boy. He couldn't have been more than eighteen. He knelt before a ditch. His tears froze instantly on his cheeks in the bitter cold of what I somehow sensed was Korea. Suddenly, the boy's image faded and I could see only his hands. Odd! They were tied behind his back.

As quickly as the boy had faded, his hands faded and were replaced by a single yellow hand. The hand held an ominous object. I couldn't make it out, but I remember feeling a chill. Suddenly, an explosion almost tore me from my sleep. The boy toppled into the ditch. Several more explosions and a line of boys that I hadn't noticed before did the same. The yellow hand appeared again, and with it, the grinning face of a young Red Chinese soldier.

The images yielded to total darkness, but the sobbing continued. At least now I knew why. The boy was feeling sorry for himself, for his life lost so senselessly, lost so young. For a moment I felt a deep pity for him, but the mood was broken as the yellow hand appeared again. It was older, but I recognized it immediately. It was reaching out for something. It was reaching out for, and grasped, a white hand. The sobbing became louder. I could see the grinning faces of a Red Chinese official – and – an American president, Richard Nixon.

Again the yellow hand, older still, but unmistakably the same hand, reached out and grasped many hands in succession. There was the same familiar grinning face greeting the many grinning faces of a U.S. trade delegation. The incessant sobbing continued to fill the background, but now it was joined by a hideous laughter. The laughter, interspersed with shouts of "hypocrites!, hypocrites!," came from a row of swollen, bloated faces – faces I'd seen before. I woke and reached immediately for a book on my shelf. There they were. Not yet swollen and bloated, but there they were. I put my copy of "The Nuremberg Trials" back on the shelf. Now I understood. What a fool I'd been! How small I felt! That boy wasn't crying because he felt sorry for himself and for the life he'd lost. He was crying because he felt sorry for us! For the principles we've lost. For what we've become. The sobbing started again, but this time it was in the room.

I couldn't decide where to put this post. Certainly, it pertains to our loss of liberty, but I finally decided it belonged here. Those international financiers and multinational corporations who have financed and run America for at least a century also financed the murderers of Tibet, the butchers of Beijing as we see in Woods article. It was they who financed the Bolshevik Revolution and were, therefore, responsible for the millions murdered by them. It was they who financed both sides in WWII and were, again, responsible for tens of millions of deaths. They have proven themselves not only enemies of America, but of all Mankind.

*Patrick Wood co-authored Trilaterals Over Washington with Antony Sutton. He is offering an ebook version for anyone who signs up for a free subscription to his newsletter.

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  1. That is the most haunting dream I have ever heard of. We need a revolution now that will either restore the United States on strictly Constitutional principles; or break it up into smaller nations similarly conceived and similarly established.

    Glenn Beck has documented a deep web of relationships between Goldman Sachs and the Feds, which is my blog, The Ohio Republic, at

  2. To Visitors of this blog.

    Don't miss that Beck video on The Ohio Republic. It shows the web of financial controls through which the bankers rule us. It also ties in perfectly to Wood's report on Hormat. Beck says that Goldman Sachs has purchased $1 billion in carbon assets. With Hormat now almost a shoe in for the State Department with likelihood he will be dealing with China, it looks like GS is positioning itself to sell those assets to China, or maybe to the U.S. taxpayer to be given to China. The timing of that U.S./China "memorandum" sure was convenient.