Sunday, May 17, 2009

Did I Offend Anyone?

I wonder if anyone who read this blog took offense at my calling Obama “Uncle Tom.” Anyone who did might be interested in this summary statement from Bruce Dixon in his report card for Obama's first 100 days published in Black Agenda Report.

"A hundred days is far too early for anyone to score a hundred points on a list of concerns like these. 55 would have been passing, and 45 a sign of hopes being actually redeemed on some fronts. But at under 25 out of a possible 100 our First Black President is at best a chronic underacheiver, as far as the real needs of African Americans go. "

Understand I don't exactly sympathize with Dixon. I don't want to see Obama do anything for the blacks nor do I want to see him do anything for whites, hispanics, nor asians. The more the government does for us, the less freedom we have to do for ourselves. It's that very loss of freedom that has put us in the mess we're in today. My point was that Obama is serving the very tiny financial elite that put him in office.

Here are a few more items from the home page of the Black Agenda Report.

Freedom Rider: Af-Pak Is Obama's War
Submitted by Margaret Kimberley on Wed, 05/13/2009 - 06:58

* Af-Pak War
* Department of Broken Promises
* Department of War

Af-Pak War by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
President Obama, who campaigned behind a thin veil of peace, dragged two heads of client states into the White House to demand “that both Afghanistan and Pakistan allow their citizens to be murdered and or displaced in the thousands” – or else. Obama read Presidents Zardari and Karzai “the riot act” to let them know who is boss in the military theater called “AfPak.” Obama claims to “want to respect their sovereignty, but” – there’s always the imperial ‘but’ – America has “huge national security interests” in the region. Afghanistan’s Karzai later wondered, “How can you expect a people who keep losing their children to remain friendly?”


Obama Shows His True Katrina Colors
Submitted by Glen Ford on Wed, 05/13/2009 - 06:48

* Department of Broken Promises
* post-Katrina

The line between Bush and Obama has not simply blurred in New Orleans: it has disappeared." President Obama has adopted, in whole, the Bush approach to rebuilding the city - minus the Black Diaspora that was scattered to the winds in 2005. Notices of eviction have been served on the mostly elderly and Black inhabitants of 3,000 FEMA trailers. The Obama Department of Housing and Urban Development is putting the finishing touches on public housing demolition in the city. Not a single "Katrina Cottage" has been made ready for occupancy. Obama no more favors the "right to return" to - or remain in - New Orleans, than Bush did.

----------------- ------------------------------

U.S. Economy: The Cancer is Still There
Submitted by Glen Ford on Wed, 05/13/2009 - 06:37

* debt crisis
* the American disease
* Wall Street Bailout

"In the cold assessment of history, Barack Obama will be remembered more for his massive transfers of national wealth to the finance capitalist class, than as the first Black president of the United States." Mostly under his administration, $12.8 trillion dollars has been committed to prop up the Wall Street oligarchy. Yet the five banks that are the biggest recipients of federal largess continue to hold $195 trillion in fatally toxic derivatives - a notional value more than three times the planetary domestic product! "There is nothing rational to do but to wipe the obligations, and their holders, off the face of the Earth, in order to save the real economy."

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Sort of off subject, but a passing thought. I wonder what would happen to anyone who published a “White Agenda Report?”

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