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I had planned to follow my last post with one on the Trilaterals in the Carter administration, but this came up Sunday and I thought it important.

Parade Magazine, Oct. 19, 2008, reports a "discussion" between Republican national-security "expert" Brent Scowcroft and Zbigniew Brzezinski. It isn't clear who is posing the questions nor who is saying what, but here are significant excerpts.

"What is our next President's most pressing foreign-policy challenge?"

"Addressing the worldwide crisis of confidence in our leadership. The U.S. must seriously consult with its allies, not act unilaterally. The President also must credibly convey that the era of American self-indulgence is over and that we will recognize global interdependence."

Absolutely! "Our" government must place a priority on what other countries want regardless of the wishes and well-being of the American people. To make clear that our "self-indulgence" is over, the average American must be prepared to abandon his hovel for the steam grate. Of course, we cannot ask the wealthy and their political puppets to give up their mansions, country clubs, and generally profligate lifestyles. That would be inhumane.

What does "recognize global interdependence" mean? We must realize that this has a totally different meaning to the elite than it does to most of us. We tend to think in terms of the need to buy the products of another nation that we may not be able to produce as readily and to sell them that which we can manufacture more efficiently. But in those terms, we have always been "interdependent." To the elite then, interdependence must have a different meaning. It does! To them it means merging much of our national sovereignty into global agencies. It means overriding our laws and our Constitution with international laws that will best protect and further, not the interests of the American people, but of the international financiers and multi-national mega-corporations. Of course, taxing powers to support these laws and agencies in a supra-national entity will be necessary.

"A Strategy of Interdependence" by Vincent P. Rock* lays out what is (or was), ostensibly, a plan to reduce tension between the Soviet Union and the U.S. But it went beyond that. It went as far as to not so subtly attack the very concept of the nation state; that is, sovereignty:

"A flaw in both the Western alliance system and the Soviet bloc arrangements is that, while within their area of influence they attempt to curtail the chaos of the multistate system**, in regard to each other the Soviet Union and the United States have been content for relations to remain largely in a state of nature governed ultimately by force. Thus as soon as an ally has the power, it seeks to reassert its sovereignty in the brutish world of nation-states."

How's that for a rational, unbiased, intellectual argument against national sovereignty: "...the chaos of the multistate system,..." and "...the brutish world of nation-states." What would this mean if, after our government has accepted the latest push at North American "interdependence," after the United States melts into the North American Union, we seek to "reassert our sovereignty?" Will we see U.N. troops marching through our streets? Absurd? Maybe. But don't discount it too smugly.

"What should the next President do to ensure change?"

"General Scowcroft and I recommend reviving bipartisanship. The President should appoint respected people from the other party to top national-security posts."

How can we have bipartisanship when we have only one party with two faces? When Brzezinski talks of "reviving bipartisanship" does he mean "continue two-faced politics?" I do think it highly likely that no matter who is elected, McCain or Obama, "respected " will translate into CFR and/or Trilateral membership. I would not be too surprised if McCain's top foreign policy advisor, Henry Kissinger and Obama's top man, Brzezinski both get top level security jobs regardless of the election outcome.

A vote for Obama or McCain is a vote to keep our children in bondage. Yes! I said "keep."

*Rock's book was on the recommended reading list of the Council on Foreign Relations.

**This same attitude toward Nations within alliances is paralleled in the attitude toward the States within the United States and toward our local governments. Here the plan to eliminate our States and locals is called regionalism. There's an article on that in:


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  1. Richard N. Gardner, in Foreign Affairs, April 1974: "In short, the 'house of world order' will have to be built form the bottom up rather than from the top down. To use William James' famous description of reality, but an end run round national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more that the old-fashioned frontal assault."
    Craig Ulet (spelling of name, not certain), on KTKK 630 AM radio, "K-Talk," Salt Lake City, Utah area, about late 1980s early 1990s (?). He warns that: "They are going to one day, if they can, create a world regime, they call it the global regime. It will be done by a strategy of 'interdependence!" And if they can do it, they will be in charge of it. It's a matter of the status quo wanting to keep getting the billions of dollars of productivity in the west.... The very same men put together an organization in Washington D.C., some years ago, called the 'Commity for Constitutional Systems Review,' they are working very hard to so alter the constitution to accept through the ammendment procedures, provided in the constitution, a new constitution! It will not be the constitution that we have learned to live with!" Connecting the dots #2 - "Interdependence," Obama's New World Order Speech to UN 9-23-09 Vincent P Rock, The Strategy of Interdependence, a program for the control of conflict between the United States & the Soviet Union (New York: Scribner, 1964).

  2. Justin, I don't know how I missed your comment. Maybe I saw it and just thought you were rehashing some of what I said. Today, I clicked on your name and it took me to your u-tube site. It is fantastic! I wish you'd have told us to click on your name. I'm adding this to my site list on both blogs.

    If anyone reads this at this late (in the postings) date, I highly recommend clicking Justin's name in his comment above.


    1. I just took an update look at Justin's link. I don't recall what originally got my attention, but now it appears to be primarily a religious site promoting Mormonism. For that reason, I'm taking it off of my site list. I think there is still some good info there, but it isn't easy to find.

  3. What Justin Martyr Jr. has tried to do is bring in Mormons' perspectives & understandings on threats to freedoms from the on the whole drama behind Hitler's New Order, (Hitler's New Order); & the New World Order conspiracies. Perspectives of the later rituals perverted in Scull & Bones; and Himmler's SS as Death Head, (scull & bones symbol), & the blending of Knight Orders in with Nazi rites & ceremonies. After years of research Justin shows how early Christians' beliefs & rituals were restored in Mormonism's rituals, doctrines, beliefs & temple mysteries. How these mysteries have been vilified by those ignorant of historic Christianity, to then falsely claim Mormons seek to take over the world. Thus Justin shows that Mormons aren't to be thrown in with the Globalists, but in fact have been warning the world prophetically about "secret combinations" seeking to destroy the constitution & our freedoms. Plus, how that these mysteries were later fraternalized in later Christian coronation ceremonies; Christian Knight Orders; later masonic orders. Orders which Hitler, Himmler & Germany used for their own pageantry. He takes Mormons' Prophets' prophecies, & The Book of Mormon's prophecies to show that the secret combinations warned about by ancient American prophets; are now coming to pass, because of the secret societies, like Scull & Bones, of Yale University, & the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers; etc., at work today. Some prejudice themselves against this area of research because Mormons have been vilified as being a cult, like the early Christians were by early anti-Christians, like Celsus, Porphyry; Julian the Apostate; etc. So Justin shows that the things found restored in LDS Temples were found all throughout historic Christian writings & art works. He then suggests that Mormons are patriots for the most part, and have had leaders for many years now, warning against the secret societies seeking a World Government, World Order. Case in point: Ezra T. Benson's talk at BYU, Vietnam: Victory or Surrender. Plus the 1964 book: Prophets, Principles & National Survival. Plus, the many repeated prophecy that the Constitution would one day be in trouble, and hang by a thread if we don't awake to the secret combinations that seek to destroy our freedoms. There are many good sources that we all find & can share, be we Mormons, Christians, Baptists, Catholics, Born Again Christians, Methodists, Calvinists, non-religious. As I myself have learned tons from Rev. Lindsey Williams; Anthony J. Hilder; Jesse Vincura (Atheist); Alex Jones; Antony Sutton; the Skousens; Ezra T. Benson. There's Near Death Experience visions of the future to learn from, there are many who were shown what would happen in the USA if people don't wake up and change their lives' for the better. Thus, these topics here can be considered from different angles, if one has an open mind & sets aside their prejudices of other perspectives derived from their own bibliography, which is what they've read, documentaries they've seen; how they've been raised; their education; their own life experiences; or own research done themselves. DT radio producer, writer, author & blogger.

  4. Check out Justin Martyr Jr's playlists & collections of videos on threats to freedom, etc. Alex Jones, Anthony Sutton; Anthony J. Hilder; etc., etc. See also the many guests that we have had on Mills Crenshaw's radio show, Craig B. Hulet; G. Edward Griffin; Rev. Lindsey Williams; Constance Cumbey; Jeol Skousen; John McManus links to Alex Jones' End Game; Fall the the Republic; etc., http://millscrenshawdrivetimeliveschedule.blogspot.com/