Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ruling Party's Media Control - Fox News

In my post on America's Ruling Party, I attempted to show the tremendous influence the CFR had over the media. I think at the time the list I used was made, Fox News was relatively new and not much had been developed about it. I just did a little research and with minimal effort found these CFR connections to "conservative" Fox.

Monica Crowley - “conservative” commentator on Fox News. Member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Linda Vester - Fox talk show host. Former co-host of MSNBC's Coast to Coast. She was a Fulbright Scholar, probably the next closest thing to a Rhodes Scholar. Member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Dennis Ross - a Foreign Affairs Analyst for the Fox News Channel. Member of the CFR, Trilateral Commission, and the PNAC (Neo-Con Project for a New American Century). He served as the director for policy planning in the State Department under President George H. W. Bush and special Middle East coordinator under President Bill Clinton. He is a noted supporter of the Iraq war. As of June, he was a National Security Advisor to Obama. He, along with a number of other CFR and TC members, was a foreign policy advisor for candidate Obama. McCain also had a stack of CFR/TC advisors. As someone so beautifully put it, we didn't have a choice of the “lesser of two evils,” we had a choice of the “evil of two lessers.”

Then there's the Boss, Rupert Murdoch, member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The British born Murdoch only became an American citizen to satisfy the requirement that you must be an American to own a TV station in the U.S.

Although he's a naturalized citizen, he is far more interested in courting the Communist Chinese. The New York Times did an article about Murdoch helping his Red Chinese buddies set up a website. It's only fair. They gave him a young, attractive wife and he gave them a website and maybe a few other things.

According to the Times, few companies have been as ardent in their attempts to break into the Chinese market as Murdoch. The Times says he:

  • has flattered Party leaders

  • done business with their children

  • joined with the Communist Youth League in a television venture

  • co-operates closely with China's censors and state broadcasters

  • cultivates ties with political leaders in an attempt to insulate his ventures from regulation

  • often supports the policies of Chinese leaders and attacks their critics

According to the Times, Murdoch is building a house in Beijing. A neighbor to be, former Prime Minister Zhu, has invited Ruppert to become Chinese.

Yeah! Fox News! Real “conservative!”

But Fox isn't alone in selling its soul to the Red Devils. According to the Times:

"As a local venture, MySpace China, which began operations in the spring, abides by domestic censorship laws and the “self discipline” regime that governs proprietors of Chinese Web sites. Every page on the site has a link allowing users or monitors to “report inappropriate information” to the authorities. Microsoft, Google and Yahoo have made similar accommodations for their Web sites in China." [Maybe in the U.S. too.]

I feel a recurrent nightmare coming on.

Read the Times article at the link below.

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