Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Southern Poverty Law Center

An internet friend sent me a copy of this letter in an email. It has prompted me to list both the racist Southern Poverty Law Center and the anti-American Department of Justice as America's Enemies. I'm naming the SPLC as our enemy in this post and the DoJ in the next which I hope to publish within the next couple of days.

The letter:


Dear Southern Poverty Law Center and Department of Justice
Sally O’Boyle
Activist Post
August 30, 2010
Re: SPLC list of “Active Patriot Groups” and DOJ’s “Criminal Extremist List”

I am wondering if you will start a Patriot Persons list to go along with your Patriot Groups list? If so, I’d like to apply. If your criteria* is the same for People as for Groups, I might be a pretty good fit!

I am definitely against any “New World Order” or “One World Government” scheme. The U.S. must remain a sovereign nation as outlined in our Constitution. (Besides, and I don’t mean to be catty here, but the idea doesn’t seem to be working out so bloody well for the EU.) Do you know if there is an active attempt by the U.S. government to join into a world government? If so, please let me know! I’d like to sign and circulate a petition against that.[1]

I don’t engage in groundless conspiracy theorizing; all the conspiracies about which I theorize have grounds. Do you think you could make an exception? And which conspiracies are the groundless ones? A list somewhere on your site would be helpful.

Also, how do you define “extreme anti-government doctrines”, please? Can you give any examples? I am personally extremely pro-Constitutional governance, something which has been in short supply during the last few administrations, including the current one. I would only be anti-government about a government that was extremely anti-U.S. Constitution. Will this count for or against me?

I am glad to see Oath-Keepers made the list of Patriot Groups! I am a member of Oath-Keepers. They are educating military and law-enforcement personnel about the Constitution and Bill of Rights, encouraging them to keep their oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Thank goodness! Since the Constitution is no longer adequately taught in our schools (having just educated two teenagers, I can attest to that fact), I am thrilled to see that someone has taken on this monumental task!

Could you let me know if I make the list? You can find me at Campaign for Liberty or at Liberty-Candidates.org.

I hope I’m not asking too much, but maybe you could give a plaque or something? Or how about a pin that we could wear all the time identifying us as Patriots who made your list? Then we could easily spot each other. That would be way cool. Thanks!

God bless,
Sally O’Boyle

P.S. Thanks for printing that list of Patriot Groups broken out by state. Now I can find friends no matter where I am. Kind of like an A.A. meeting list! Now, I’m thinking I should join a militia. Don’t mean to be greedy, but would I get extra points for that?

*Criteria: “Generally, Patriot groups define themselves as opposed to the “New World Order,” engage in groundless conspiracy theorizing, or advocate or adhere to extreme antigovernment doctrines.” (http://tinyurl.com/patriotgroups)

[1] – Sally was obviously playing dumb here. I'm certain she knows full well that “our” government is in full cooperation with the globalist gangsters who are bringing about this “One World Government” of them, by them, and for them. Anyone who doesn't know this yet should take a look at the map and plan developed and published in 1941-42. You can find it in the post "New World Order -- Death of America" in:
The map and plan are also available at the Library of Congress and the University of San Diego. The URLs can be found in the blog.
Not all has been realized, some has probably changed, but what is amazing is how much has been achieved of the grandiose plan to enslave the world and how much is falling into place now.

Here's a synopsis of the SPLC's “Intelligence Report.” The spirit of Senator Joe McCarthy is alive and well and residing in the Southern Poverty Law Center. The only thing missing is McCarthy's patriotism, but then, his patriotism is probably the primary reason he has been criticized so viciously by the SPLC's ilk. One thing is certain. We don't need the Gestapo or KGB when we have the SPLC and the DoJ.

This is the introduction to the SPLC's “Intelligence” Report:

Intelligence Report, Spring 2010, Issue Number: 137
Active 'Patriot' Groups in the United States in 2009
Stand Strong against hate [What a noble sentiment. It reminds me of the movie, “Revelation.” In it the Devil has set up a world government One Nation Earth (O.N.E.) and billed himself as the Mesiah. The hero of the movie, a counter terrorist agent (from the DoJ?), is investigating a “terrorist” group that is resisting the O.N.E. The group of God fearing Christians is referred to as the “Haters” for resisting the “Messiah” and is marked for extermination. I guess movies aren't always an escape from reality.]

The introduction continues:

The Intelligence Project identified 512 "Patriot" groups that were active in 2009. Of these groups, 127 were militias, marked with an asterisk, and the remainder includes "common-law" courts, publishers, ministries and citizens' groups. Generally, Patriot groups define themselves as opposed to the "New World Order," engage in groundless conspiracy theorizing, or advocate or adhere to extreme antigovernment doctrines. Listing here does not imply that the groups themselves advocate or engage in violence or other criminal activities, or are racist. The list was compiled from field reports, Patriot publications, the Internet, law enforcement sources and news reports. Groups are identified by the city, county or region where they are located.

[I want to make it clear that the listing of the SPLC and the DoJ in americasenemies does not imply that all members of these organizations advocate or engage in violence or other criminal activities, are racist, traitors, or Devil worshippers.]

Anyone wanting to see the list will find it at the url given by Sally.

Out of curiosity I did some fooling around with the numbers to see what might be learned.

The 512 figure is a bit overly optimistic. It's probably intended to terrify their cowering “left-wing” followers into some sort of action to chase the Pro-Americans they fear might be hiding under their beds. Many are groups with chapters or branches in a number of towns or counties within a state. They probably should be listed as one for the entire state. In some cases the SPLC does that. It will list the group as statewide, so a statewide group will only show once for the state but one with branches in six or seven counties will count on the “intelligence” report as six or seven groups. So the whole “intelligence” report is distorted and not very intelligent.

Even the “statewides” distort the figures. I found the following listed in most cases as statewide:

I counted 64 “third” parties, but 49 were the Constitution Party or affiliates in that number of States.
There were America First Party organizations in 12 states.

Realistically speaking, that 61 is only two groups.

Again, Oath-Keepers (49 States), We the People (48 States), the John Birch Society (36 States), and We Are Change (33 States) are probably, for all intent and purpose, just four groups. The SPLC counts them as 166. Seeing 166 where there are only four sounds paranoid to me.

I do think some sort of awards or recognition should be given to those States exhibiting the greatest loyalty to the principles on which this country was founded.

Using the numbers given by the SPLC, the following States have the greatest number of patriotic groups:

Texas 52
Michigan 47
California 22
Indiana 21
New York 17

These top five should receive a medal of some sort.

To be fair to some States with small populations, I think patriot awards should also be issued based on groups per million population given a minimum population of 1.5 million. Population figures I have would make these States the top five:

State Groups/M
Idaho 7.33
Michigan 4.70
Nebraska 3.89
Oregon 3.68
Utah 3.57

Michigan took second in both catagories. In the second, only Idaho, which barely qualified with 1.5M to Michigan's 10M, was ahead. In addition, Michigan led the field with 11 militia groups including one with a presence in 20 counties. I think, all things considered, Michigan deserves the title: “The American State.”

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Enemies In Congress

Below is an article by Roy Beck exposing Senators and Representatives who have consistently voted against attempts to control immigration, legal and illegal. For their efforts Beck calls them “Deserters of Jobless Americans.” In my opinion he's too nice. These immigrants, especially from Mexico, will form a fifth column to facilitate merger with Mexico into the North American Union. For this reason I believe the actions of these people in Congress are an attack on our sovereignty and are therefore treasonous.

DEFENDERS & DESERTERS of JOBLESS AMERICANS: We name the '50 Worst Deserters' Today

By Roy Beck, Friday, September 3, 2010, 1:47 AM EDT - posted on NumbersUSA

It was a tough job to pick the 50 Members of Congress who over the last two years have shown the most callous indifference to the suffering of unemployed American households, in terms of immigration policies.

As bad as Congress has been on immigration in the past, it seemed to just grow more fond of foreign labor the last two years as jobs prospects for unemployed Americans grew more and more dismal.

Consider the results of NumbersUSA calculating grades based on every vote and co-sponsorship of the last two years:

· 42% of the 535 Members earned a NumbersUSA grade of D+ or LOWER for their actions
· 25% earned an F or F-minus, with most of them getting a 0%.

During the last two years of a virtual jobs depression, these Worst 50 led Congress:

· in allowing the addition of another 75,000 permanent working-age immigrants every MONTH
· and in allowing about 7 million illegal foreign workers to keep their jobs in construction, service, manufacturing and transportation.

Recent government data show that 22 million U.S. workers who want a job can’t find one. But these 50 Members of Congress deserted those Americans in favor of increasing the number of foreign workers competing with them in the hiring line.

All 50 “Deserters” on this list:

· received grades of F-minus and 0%, failing to take a single action to reduce competition for jobless Americans.
· are asking voters to re-elect them to Congress this November
· are in the Senate or in the House where they are leaders with special opportunity to influence policy toward jobless Americans because they either are congressional chairmen, leaders of their Party or on the Judiciary Committee with direct jurisdiction over immigration.
It isn't that these 50 don't have concerns for the unemployed. In fact, most of them have worked hard to provide unemployment benefits and other government assistance to help them while they are out of work.

But they seem to prefer providing unemployment assistance to providing them access to jobs.
When it comes to immigration, these 50 are willing to keep their unemployed constituents out of work.

For whatever variety of reasons, these 50 elected officials favor foreign workers and the employers that hire them over the desires of their own constituents to have a job and support themselves.

I'm sure all of these 50 will be campaigning this fall about their great concern for putting their constituents back to work. Citizens can no longer allow them to perpetuate their charade.

50 WORST DESERTERS of JOBLESS AMERICANS (In the Face of Unfair Foreign-Worker Competition)

In the Senate
· Bennet, Michael (CO)
· Feingold, Russell (WI)
· Gillibrand, Kirsten (NY)
· Inouye, Daniel (HI)
· Leahy, Patrick (VT)
· Mikulski, Barbara (MD)
· Reid, Harry (NV)

In the House
· Ackerman, Gary (NY 05th)
· Baldwin, Tammy (WI - 02nd)
· Becerra, Xavier (CA - 31st)
· Berman, Howard (CA - 28th)
· Chu, Judy (CA - 32nd)
· Clarke, Yvette (NY - 11th)
· Clyburn, James (SC - 06th)
· Conyers, John (MI - 14th)
· Cummings, Elijah (MD - 07th)
· Engel, Eliot (NY - 17th)
· Grijalva, Raul (AZ - 07th)
· Gutierrez, Luis (IL - 04th)
· Hastings, Alcee (FL - 23rd)
· Hoyer, Steny (MD - 05th)
· Jackson-Lee, Sheila (TX - 18th)
· Johnson, Hank (GA - 04th)
· Kucinich, Dennis (OH - 10th)
· Lewis, John (GA - 05th)
· Lofgren, Zoe (CA - 16th)
· Markey, Edward (MA - 07th)
· McDermott, Jim (WA 07th)
· Nadler, Jerrold (NY - 08th)
· Napolitano, Grace (CA - 38th)
· Olver, John (MA - 01st)
· Quigley, Mike (IL - 05th)
· Pelosi, Nancy (CA - 8th)
· Rahall, Nick (WV - 03rd)
· Rangel, Charles (NY - 15th)
· Rush, Bobby (IL - 01st)
· Sanchez, Linda (CA - 39th)
· Schakowsky, Janice (IL - 09th)
· Scott, Robert (VA - 03rd)
· Serrano, Jose (NY - 16th)
· Slaughter, Louise (NY - 28th)
· Stark, Pete (CA - 13th)
· Thompson, Bennie (MS - 02nd)
· Towns, Edolphus (NY - 10th)
· Velazquez, Nidia (NY - 12th)
· Tsongas, Niki (MA - 05th)
· Wasserman-Schultz, Debbie (FL - 20th)
· Watt, Melvin (NC - 12th)
· Waxman, Henry (CA - 30th)
· Woolsey, Lynn (CA - 06th)

NumbersUSA is aggressively non-partisan. We do not cherry-pick actions to grade in order to skew the results. Instead, we rate every action in committee or the floor and all co-sponsorships that would change the numerical level of immigration. Our grades reflect the cumulative effect of each Members' actions in terms of increasing or reducing the number of foreign workers (legal and illegal) in the country.

All actions and the computerized grading calculations are displayed in our http://www.congressgrades.org/ section of our website.

Those in Congress who do the most to protect American workers in terms of immigration policies receive an A+, while those doing the least receive an F-minus.

NumbersUSA has more than one million activist members. It was formed in 1996 in part to carry out the recommendations of the bi-partisan U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform (chaired by the late Barbara Jordan) which opposed immigration policies that depress wages and job prospects for the most vulnerable Americans.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

NumbersUSA's blogs are copyrighted and may be republished or reposted only if they are copied in their entirety, including this paragraph, and provide proper credit to NumbersUSA. NumbersUSA bears no responsibility for where our blogs may be republished or reposted.
Views and opinions expressed in blogs on this website are those of the author. They do not necessarily reflect official policies of NumbersUSA.


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Friday, September 10, 2010

Barack Obama

The following is taken verbatim from Stephen Lendman's blog. I have found Mr. Lendman to be generally reliable and have no reason to doubt this post other than the fact I'm unfamiliar with the London Independent. I am familiar with what Mr. Lendman calls “US corporate media and have found it difficult to catch them in a truth on any major issue. I should clarify that by saying, I do not classify half-truths, omissions, and/or distortions as truths.

One thing that has been reported recently and which I don't understand is the pool of oil supposedly lying at the bottom of the Gulf. No matter how many times I put oil in a bucket and attempt to cover it with water, the oil rises to the top. The only explanation I can think of as to why the Gulf oil would sink is that the chemical "dispersants" combined with the oil in such a way as to make it, not disperse, but become heavy enough to sink. Out of sight. Out of mind. “Mission Accomplished!”

Mr. Lendman's blog:

Monday, August 16, 2010
Obama's Gulf Swim Was Fake

Obama's Gulf Swim Was Fake - by Stephen Lendman

On August 15, AP reported that Obama gave his "personal assurances of (the) Gulf's safety," saying:

"Beaches all along the Gulf Coast are clean, they are safe, and they are open for business."

He lied.

The same day, Britain's government owned BBC reported:

"Barack Obama has taken a swim in the Gulf of Mexico (to) reassure Americans that the waters are safe despite the recent oil spill."

US corporate media reporters repeated the message, CNN's senior White House correspondent Ed Henry among them, saying "Obama takes (the) plunge, swims in the Gulf (to show it's safe and) open for business."

In fact, area businesses continue to be severely impacted, and the entire region is dangerously unsafe.

As for Obama's swim, on August 16, the London Independent reported that Obama and his daughter, Sasha, swam in a private Panama City Beach, FL beach off Alligator Point in St. Andrew Bay, not part of the Gulf.

Reporters were banned, no TV video permitted. "So....only the White House photographer was allowed to capture proceedings. The official picture was intended to provide evidence that the region's beaches are back to normal."

False. A dangerously toxic oil/dispersant brew contaminates much, perhaps the entire Gulf. It's poisoned and potentially lethal for decades, maybe generations. Nothing in it should be ingested. Millions in the region are at risk. No one should swim in coastal waters or eat any Gulf seafood. Responsible officials should ban it. Instead the all-clear's been given.

Obama, his officials, and BP executives are criminally liable. So are state governors, coastal mayors, and regional health authorities.

Area residents with children should leave. Tourists should avoid the region. A growing catastrophe will continue for decades, including a silent epidemic of cancers and other diseases, as well as lives and livelihoods lost.

That's the major media's unreported reality, worsening, not improving daily.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. Also visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.


posted by Steve Lendman @ 4:37 AM

This whole thing stinks, not just of crude oil, but of a massive corporate coverup perpetrated with the cooperation of the puppet in the White House. If the Independent's account is true, and if Mr. Lendman's assessment of the dangers to present and future generations is accurate, then in the long term Obama, through his deception, might well earn a place among the most notorious mass murderers of our age.

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