Sunday, November 6, 2011

Uncommon Criminals

I chose to call the subject of this post “Uncommon Criminals” because I believe “Common Criminals” to be a higher, more honorable class of criminals. The common variety make no pretext that what they are doing is legal nor do they hypocritically send others to jail for what may well be lesser crimes. Betraying the public trust is, in my opinion, among the highest crimes committed.

The Department of (in)Justice is the bureaucracy charged with enforcing the laws of the federal government. It calls Americans who believe in the Constitution and our national sovereignty or who are “anti-authoritarian” domestic terrorists and criminal extremists and those who expose the Federal Reserve and our fraudulent monetary system “unique terrorists” The DO(in)J says the latter represent a “clear and present danger to our economic stability.” All of this has earned the Department dishonorable mention in other posts in this blog. Now it has been exposed as a gang of thieves.

According to reports from Justice Department auditors and the department’s acting inspector general, Cynthia A. Schnedar, members of the Department have been paying outrageous sums for goods and services in connection with a number of “conferences.” These officials call the inexcusable spending by their colleagues, “wasteful and extravagant.” Are these terms euphemisms for corrupt and extortionate?

Some of the items these people squandered the taxpayers' money on are:
  • $16 muffins at the Capital Hilton in Washington
  • a $76-per-person lunch at a conference at a Hilton in San Francisco
  • $8.24 a cup coffee to go with that lunch
  • platters of Swedish Meatballs costing $5 per meatball

Ten law enforcement conferences that ran through Bush and Obama administrations saw:
  • cookies and brownies at almost $10 each and beef Wellington hors d'oeuvres at $7.32 per serving

Five conferences cost $600,000 for “event planning” services and a total of $121 million was spent in 2008 and 2009 on 1,832 conferences.

The officials who criticized this outrage were careful to call it “wasteful spending.” Pardon my cynicism, but I have to believe kickbacks, favors, maybe promises of jobs when the government jobs are done, and donations to political war chests were exchanged for this “wasteful spending.” Maybe the person who signed off on the check for $4200 for 250 assorted muffins had “Muffin” as a roommate for the duration of the conference.

Officials in one office had the audacity to say they thought they were saving money by serving muffins and other snacks instead of full meals. Very uncommon criminals indeed.

[If helping these uncommon criminals send common criminals to jail pains your conscience, see: ]



  1. An internet friend made this comment in an email. I thought it a good one so I'm taking the liberty to post it here.

    >On the salaries these bureaucrats get, they should be able to feed themselves. Give them a water fountain and let someone donate some mints.<

  2. Phreedomphan,

    I found your site looking at you profile on 10th amendment site but you should know you duplicated it so if you click on it will not take you here. I copied half and pasted and arrived.

    I have read several of the articles which for the most part I am very familiar with what you are telling folks, how is that going by the way? I see participation is low, is that because everyone looking already got this information or you are a radical, LOL.

    Personally most of what I read confirms much of what I have located by reading, but the other thing I did was view this from a results prospective, different I know. The other thing I notice it is filled with all the bad stuff, so where is the good stuff? If all I am filled with is negative then all I will receive is negative. Negative meaning all problems and not one solution to resolve, no one understanding how to oppose idiots. This is concerning to me, are you afraid of these idiots? You post charges against them, so how can you be afraid to find solutions to these issues?
    Is it all legislation to resolve or is there far more to approach to be the real solution?

    I have worked hard many years of my life and recognized I practiced the act of finding solutions and part of this act was to recognize the cause of such idiocy. But I will be honest with you, not many participate in it as well. I think we are all on the right track of informing but our opponents have discounted most of it by really bad information to the masses, who in essence are a part of the solution. Recognizing this should be a component because what is a force and what is an opposing force? Decision, this is proven by all things done good or bad are by decision and decision the force. More decision in a direction equals more force because a driving force will not take place without it.

    I can tell you this, I did not see anything new in your post so it is possible we have seen many of the same resources or a continuation of such resources by others. None the less is agreement these do exists because the results do verify these facts.

    I have only one suggestion for you and it is a rather extensive one. Reread the Declaration of Independence, find the original draft and read it as well. Things to note; why did truths get removed if they were in fact verifiable truths? Question what the inalienable rights actually mean: like what does life mean in this context, what Liberty means as well our pursuits of happiness. Then figure out why this document was ever documented for and its relevance to Liberty by the Constitution. I can only tell you this, if you view it from results as though you were there it becomes very revealing and all of the sudden the foundation of this country becomes very clear. I am only suggesting because I see you have put in a considerable amount of energy to show the bad in our vicinity, but now its really time to get our game on and if we can find some common ground and decide with such and decision be made to resolve stupid in this country.

    Here is my site if you wish to mull around, although I suggest the Declaration of Independence first so I have no influence on your own findings.

    William Schooler

  3. (Part 1)
    Thanks for the heads up. It may be because I put a / after .com. My browser does show me Lost Liberty and gives me the option to click on it.

    Of course you're familiar with it, William. It wasn't intended for people with almost infinite wisdom and understanding like you. It was meant for lesser folks like me who need to learn. No, there isn't a lot of “participation.” I'm not getting as many new visitors as I'd like, still, I am getting 330 new a month and about 550 repeat hits. That indicates someone is interested enough to return. I have found some of my blog copied and repeated elsewhere, so that helps spread the word. I'm a reactionary not a radical.:-) I believe in restoring Constitutional government, maintaining our national sovereignty, and ending abortion. I am anti-authoritarian and I would dismantle the Federal Reserve, force the Banksters to return the money they've stolen, and institute an honest monetary system. All of this would classify me as a “domestic terrorist,” “criminal extremist,” and “unique terrorist” by Department of (in)Justice definitions.

    If I understood anything of what you wrote in the 10ther blogs, good and bad, negative and positive is all a creation of your mind. To me it is positive when I can reach someone who wasn't aware. When I set up my blogs I had information that wasn't as readily available on the I-Net that I wanted to get out. Those are mostly contained in the first two posts of each blog. Take the NWO map. I'd scanned that in 3 segments from my blueprint copy. I posted those segments together with my explanations in several galleries in political discussion groups years before the Library of Congress digitized its copy. I long ago saw that the “New Age” that's “dawning” will be a dark age to make the last look like a supernova. It will be a black hole from which the light of truth may never escape. Still, it remains my hope that I can light a few sparks that will continue to smolder in the darkness and one day burst again into the flame of liberty.

  4. (Part 2)
    One of the things I've tried to do over the last forty years or so is make people like you understand that what is happening is not idiocy and those perpetrating it are not idiots. They are executing a well conceived plan to reduce the human race, or what's left of it after planned wars, starvation, and disease, to abject slavery. Go to: and search for Garrett in the upper right corner. You can then download “The Revolution Was” or “The Peoples' Pottage” that contains that and two other essays by Garrett.

    I'm sure I haven't had access to anywhere near the resources to which you've had access. My library has only about 1000 hard copy books and maybe 450 ebooks and documents downloaded from the internet. You must have lots more. I was active on a third party's county executive committee with some extremely knowledgeable men, but I'm sure you were active in at least one such organization. I was also associated with a man who was a conspiracy watcher all of his adult life. As he never used the word “conspiracy,” I was stunned to see his forty foot basement filled with bookcases and file cabinets that were, themselves, filled to overflowing with books, documents, and news clippings. All combined to prove beyond even an unreasonable doubt that nothing is happening by accident, stupidity, or some form of Darwinian Natural Evolution of government. I'm sure you were associated with at least two such men and/or women.

    Your suggestion is a good one. I've read the Declaration of Independence many times although for sometime now I haven't believed we ever broke away from England. While I may not reread my copy, I have seen sites with the original. I never thought it that important, but I will look for it now and download and read it.

    Sorry, I put the cart before the horse and made a Volkswagon with the engine in the rear. Seriously, I went to your site first. I only read one article because my eyes weren't happy with the light gray font color. I have to tell you what I told you in the 10ther blog that I had no idea what you were talking about. I repeat my request here. Please send me some of what you're smoking to make it clearer. :-)

    If you have any specific facts to add or pertinent one or two line questions to ask in any of my posts, I'll be glad to respond. Otherwise, I don't have the time.