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America’s Ruling Party--The Council on Foreign Relations

America’s Ruling Party and the Neo-Cons

When a link to the “Project for a New American Century,” was posted in a political discussion group several years ago, I was impressed by the list of participants so I ran a check of their names against a 1996 list of Council on Foreign Relations members. I didn’t have anything to confirm that the names on the CFR list are the same people as on this list, but I’d bet dollars to donuts that there’s at least an 85% correlation. There are also several whose names appear on the list of contributors to Foreign Affairs, a publication of the CFR. Again, dollars to donuts, 85%. Family connections appear to exist in a couple of cases, and there are a couple others that may be linked that way, but I couldn’t make a connection. Given the nepotism and incest that has characterized ruling elites of the past, there’s probably a good chance that connections exist.

Here’s a summary: 8 probable CFR members--of those, two are also members of the Bilderbergers* and one of those two also Trilateral Commission; 5 others are probable contributors to Foreign Affairs; 2 are probable family connections--one likely the father and one the brother of the same probable member; 4 that I did not put in any of the above, have possible family connections. There are several who have overlapping probable and possible connections. I only counted them once. In other words, 15 of 27 have probable CFR connections--55.6%. Add to that another 4 possibles.

*Since originally writing this, I’ve learned that many who appear as Bilderberg members on various lists may have been people whose globalist leanings are strong enough to warrant an invitation to a Bilderberg meeting. They may not be members.

Roger Barnett not cfr but a Roger and Michael N. are contributors to Foreign Affairs andMichael N. & Robert Warren are membersU.S.
Naval War College

Alvin Bernstein not cfr but an Alvin is a contributor to Foreign Affairs and David S., Edward M., Peter W., Robert L., Tom A. are members.
National Defense University

Stephen Cambone
National Defense University

Eliot Cohen Eliot A. Cohen cfr and 15 other Cohens--didn’t try to link family
Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University

Devon Gaffney Cross Devon Cross cfr, bb
Donors' Forum for International Affairs

Thomas Donnelly not cfr but a Thomas Donnelly is a contributor to Foreign Affairs
Project for the New American Century

David Epstein not cfr but Jason, Jeffrey E., Joshua M. are members.
Office of Secretary of Defense, Net Assessment

David Fautua
Lt. Col., U.S. Army

Dan Goure
Center for Strategic and International Studies

Donald Kagan cfr (2001 list) father of a Robert Kagan
Yale University

Fred Kagan another son of Donald Kagan
U. S. Military Academy at West Point

Robert Kagan Robert W. Kagan cfr confirmed
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Robert Killebrew
Col., USA (Ret.)

William Kristol not cfr but an Irving Kristol is and an Irving Kristol is father to a William Kristol
The Weekly Standard

Mark Lagon Mark P. Lagon cfr
Senate Foreign Relations Committee

James Lasswell not a member but a Harold D. is.
GAMA Corporation

I. Lewis Libby I. Lewis Libby cfr
Dechert Price & Rhoads

Robert Martinage
Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment

Phil Meilinger
U.S. Naval War College

Mackubin Owens
U.S. Naval War College

Steve Rosen Steven P. Rosen cfr
Harvard University

Gary Schmitt not cfr but listed as a co-author with Shulsky a Foreign Affairs contributor also a Bernadotte Everly Schmitt is cfr
Project for the New American Century

Abram Shulsky not cfr but an Abram N. Shulsky is a contributor to Foreign Affairs
The RAND Corporation

Michael Vickers
Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment

Barry Watts not cfr but a Barry D. Watts is a contributor to Foreign Affairs and Glenn E., John H., and William are members.
Northrop Grumman Corporation

Paul Wolfowitz Paul Wolfowitz Bilderbergers, CFR, Trilateral Commision
Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University

Dov Zakheim Dov S. Zakheim cfr
System Planning Corporation

Later I went through the exercise with listed directors and project staff and found these:

Bruce P. Jackson - Bruce P. Jackson cfr membership confirmed in the Project’s biographies - there are 7 other Jacksons, interestingly, one is a Jesse L. Jackson.

Lewis E. Lehrman - cfr and a Hal is also a member.

Mark Gerson – not cfr but an Allen and a Ralph are members.

Randy Scheunemann - no, poor Randy seems to have been left out. Of course the cfr list is from 1996

Ellen Bork - cfr confirmed

Reuel Marc Gerecht – not cfr but Project biography says a contributor to Foreign Affairs.

I didn’t check the others for Foreign Affairs contributions.

America’s ruling party and the Neo-MidRoaders

I have a book titled, “American Agenda: Report to the Forty-First President of the United States of America.” The book is a compendium of articles giving advice to the President- Elect on various aspects of government policy. You might be tempted to call it, “The Four Year Plan for George H. W. Bush.” I did a membership analysis of the 400 “volunteers” that were part of the project, as well as the project leaders similar to that I did with the PNAC. Again, I can’t guarantee 100% correlation between names in the group and the names appearing in the CFR membership list from 1996, but I still believe there is no less than an 85% correlation.
Most interesting are the two chairmen, President Gerald R. Ford, member of the BilderBergers (or at least one of those so involved in globalist schemes as to be invited to their meetings) and the CFR, and President Jimmy Carter, member of the Trilateral Commission and the CFR. One on the Republican “side” and one on the Democrat “side”.

Also interesting is the affiliation of the 16 members of the American Agenda’s Executive Committee. Thirteen are members of the CFR and many are also members of one or more of the elite and ultra-elite groups, those being the BilderBergers, Tri-lateral Commission, Club of Rome, and two other groups whose code I’m not sure of in my source. I think one is the Rhodes Scholars. There is also one one member with possible family connections.

The two Executive Directors are members of the CFR. Four of five “Senior Policy Coordinators are members. Those five are included in the 400 I analyzed as well.

I’m willing to bet that, in the case of these top people, the correlation runs close to 100%. This would mean that 21 of 25 running the group, or 84%, have at least CFR membership.

Of the 400, there are 97 who have probable CFR membership and many have membership in one or more of the other elitist organizations. That’s just under 25%. At least another 105 have possible family connections. Taking probables and possibles together make up about 50% of the people who composed the main body that contributed to the report.

These are the people who run America, not us. There is only one party, the Council on Foreign Relations with its two divisions--Republican and Democrat. Major candidates and/or their key appointed personnel are taken from this pool. Elections are a dog and pony show for the masses. In-fighting may be real among some of the candidates in the two “parties” chosen to display our “choices”, but the rivalry is similar to that of players on an NFL team. Players may battle each other to earn a starting job, but they all pull together to defeat the other teams in the league. Likewise, the members of these elite groups may, in the mock elections, fight real battles to earn the right to carry the ball, but afterward, they all pull together to defeat our Constitution, our National Sovereignty, and our Liberty.

A brain-child of globalist Edward Mandell House, the CFR is comprised of only about 4000 members, that's about 15 ten thousandths of one percent of the population, yet it has provided an incredibly disproportionate number of members of every administration for at least 3/4 of a century. They also hold key positions throughout the media making it very easy for the organization to keep a low profile and to scoff at those who attempt to expose them.

These people, not Saddam, not Iraq, not Iran, not Al Quaida, and not the Taliban are the real threat to our liberty.

America’s Ruling Party and the Neo-Libs

A while back, I started reading a book called “The Wise Men” written by Rhodes Scholar Walter Isaacson and Thomas Evans. It’s subtitled “Six Friends and the World They Made.”

These were ostensibly conservative businessmen who ported over to the Roosevelt administration in much the same way the McGovern liberals ported over to the Republican party to become the “Neo-Cons.” For that reason I think “Neo-Libs” would have been an appropriate name for them at the time.

Just as the “Neo-Cons” played a major role in the Project for a New American Century, the authors credit these men with being the architects of the “American Century.” As many of the “Neo-Cons” tend to be Israel Firsters, the six were England Firsters.

The Six “Wise” Men

W. Averell Harriman - Skull & Bones, CFR
His father built the Union Pacific Railroad. A Tory England Firster, Harriman favored U.S. entry into WWI on behalf of his beloved Mutha England although he avoided actual service. A clever profiteer, he advocated a naval build up, bought the Chester Shipyard, and got a contract with the navy to build forty cargo ships. All were eventually delivered, but none before the Armistice. After the war he negotiated a private mineral rights deal with the Bolsheviks when our country refused to recognize the regime.

Dean Acheson - Scroll & Key, CFR
Scroll & Key is second only to Skull & Bones in prestige among the secret senior societies. The son of an Episcopal clergyman, Acheson attended Groton the prep school for Anglophile elite. Groton was compared to Eton. FDR also attended Groton. Groton students usually went on to Harvard, Yale, & Princeton.

Robert Lovett - Skull & Bones, CFR
His father was president of E.H. Harriman’s Union Pacific. He started the Yale Naval Reserve flying unit with a friend F. Trubie Davison whose father, a Morgan partner, gave financial backing. It was called the “millionaires unit” and its purpose was to train pilots for eventual use in defending Mutha England.

John McCloy - CFR
A Wall Street lawyer, he became president of the World Bank, chairman of Chase, and chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations.

George Kennan - CFR
Educated at Princeton, Kennan, the authors say, became “the intellectual darling of the Washington elite.”

Charles Bohlen - Porcellian Club, CFR
According to the authors, Bohlen was an “amiable insider to the circles of power.” He received his prep schooling at St. Paul’s in NH, another Anglophile school for the elite. He was a member of the Porcellian Club at Harvard as was Teddy Roosevelt. Membership in the club was “deemed so important to young Brahmins that disconsolate sophomores were known to drop out of Harvard upon rejection.”

From about 350 pages of almost 750 I filled over five blank pages in the front with reference notes. I can’t begin to list every significant point, but here are a few.

Harriman was called by some “Roosevelt’s tame businessman” and yet Lovett saw Harriman more like a sovereign than a subject to the President’s he “served.” Could he have been the messenger bringing orders from Wall Street to the presidents?

Harriman formed a joint shipping company with the Soviets in 1922 showing that the capitalists remained in bed with the communists from the beginning. Broker of many deals and “loans” to the USSR.

Bones Brothers stick together to monopolize the money. The Harrimans and two partners of Harriman Brothers, Prescott Bush and Knight Wooley had been Bones Brothers. Together with Lovett. Ellery James, Laurence Tighe, and Charles Dickey, partners in Brown Brothers, and fellow Yale Bonesmen, they brought about the merger of the two major banking firms.

Acheson’s life long Anglophilia was instilled as a child say the authors. While voicing love for “democracy,” he considered us the “vulgar mass of humanity.” He didn’t hesitate to use deceit to gain his ends from that “vulgar mass.” “They favored for example, a postwar loan for the Soviets and efforts to work out a system of joint control of the atom bomb. Yet Acheson and others consciously over stated the threat they perceived in order to sell their vision of America’s role in the postwar world.”

Lovett and McCloy, according to the book, would spend hours going over the roster of the CFR to find people they thought would be good in government. Research will show a lot more CFR in the Roosevelt administration than these six. (Note: Lovett and McCloy are the only ones listed as CFR by Isaacson and Thomas, but internet sites show that no later than the Truman administration all six were members.)

The authors showed considerable admiration for these “six friends,” and why not? Rhodes Scholars hold the same love for England, American intervention in world affairs, and globalism. Nevertheless, an astute reader can find more than enough evidence to indict this whole gang for treason. Unfortunately, there’s just too much to list here. It wouldn’t do any good anyway. The one thing we learn from history is that we never learn from history.

If anyone is interested, the book is published by Simon and Schuster and copyrighted in 1986.

This concludes my three part series showing the dominance of the CFR, Americas ruling party through administrations from FDR to George W. Bush and philosophies from the “left” through the center, and to the “right.” Most people, conditioned to believe the lib vs. con, Rep vs. Dem. charade will not accept it. The next section shows how they were conditioned, or maybe I should say, the tools used..

America's Ruling Party and the Media

In the preceeding three sections, I tried to show the relationship of America's ruling party, the Council on Foreign Relations, to the Neo-Cons of today, what I called the Mid-Roaders of not long ago, and a number of wealthy and connected men who played prominent roles in FDR's "liberal" regime and that of Harry Truman. Here's the reason why the majority of Americans have never heard of this group even though it has dominated almost every administration for at least 3/4 of a century. Calling the media "liberal" or conservative" is meaningless.

Here's a list of members of the media that I found on the I-Net who are also members of the CFR and/or the spin-off Trilateral Commission. The list is getting old, it's from the 90's, but you'll recognize many names from past and present. Some are dead. I’m sure many of their replacements are now CFR, but I'm not about to try to pull out present media people from more up to date lists because too few of the general public seem to understand or to care. Besides, even if the list is old, this should be ample evidence of the media control by the global elitists.

Here's the list:

CBS: Laurence A. Tisch, CEO, Dan Rather, Richard Hottelet, James Houghton - also Trilateral Commission, Henry Schacht - also TC, Roswell Gilpatric, Frank Stanton

NBC/RCA: Jane Pfeiffer, Tom Brokaw, David Brinkley, John Chancellor, Irving R. Levine, Lester Crystal - also TC, R.W. Sonnenfeidt - also TC, John F. Welch, CEO, John Petty, Marvin Kalb, Herbert Schlosser, Peter G. Peterson, John Sawhill

ABC: Thomas S. Murphy, CEO, Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer John Connor, John Scall

Public Broadcast Service: Robert McNeil, Jim Lehrer, Daniel Schorr, C. Hunter-Gault, Hodding Carter III

Associated Press: Katharine Graham also TC, Stanley Swinton, Harold Anderson

Reuters: Michael Posner

Baltimore Sun: Henry Trewhitt

Washington Times: Arnaud De Borchgrave

Children's TV Workshop (Sesame Street): Joan Ganz Cooney, Pres. [Even Cookie Monster is CFR. We're doomed!!! I hear they're planning a new "Talking Elmo". It will say, "Hi! I'm Elmo. I'm here to help you learn. You will learn to obey!!]

Cable News Network: W. Thomas Johnson, Pres. -- TC only, Daniel Schorr

U.S. News & World Report: David Gergen -- TC

New York Times Co.: Richard Gelb, William Scranton - also TC , John F. Akers, Dir., Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., Dir., George B. Munroe, Dir., Donald M. Stewart, Dir., Cyrus R. Vance, Dir., Max Frankel, Harrison Salisbury, and on and on to a total of 18 CFR that are or were with the NYT.

Time, Inc.: Alexander Heard, Sol Linowitz, Thomas Watson, Jr., Ralph Davidson, Donald M. Wilson, Henry Grunwald, Strobe Talbott

Newsweek/Washington Post: Katherine Graham, N. Deb. Katzenbach, Robert Christopher, Osborne Elliot, George Will CFR & TC and on and on to a total of 14 CFR that are or were with Newsweek/WP.

Dow Jones & Co (Wall Street Journal): Richard Wood, Robert Bartley CFR & TC, Karen House

National Review: Wm. F. Buckley, Jr. - also Skull & Bones at Yale [Yes!!! The fabled "conservative" Bill Buckley is CFR, TC and a Bilderberg member or attendee]

Readers Digest: George V. Grune, CEO, William G. Bowen, Dir.

Syndicated Columnists: Geogia Anne Geyer, Ben J. Wattenberg

Additional control of the media, even local, is wielded through CFR membership of officers and directors of some of the largest advertisers.

The truth is! The problem is getting it out there!

America's Ruling Party in the Encyclopedia

For many years I’ve tried to show people that, while "liberal"/"conservative," Republican/Democrat administrations come and go, one thing remains constant throughout. The CFR has dominated both parties and all administrations since at least 1932. The Council on Foreign Relations is a heavily funded "think tank" dedicated to the world government so desired by the international financier and multi-national mega-corporations. It is in their interest and the interests of their patrons to ruin the country to make world government more palatable to the American people.

Few in the general public seem to be concerned that 15 ten thousandths of one percent of the population is able to wield so much power. Few seem concerned that they have enough control over the media to keep themselves semi-secret. The fact is that before Al Gore invented the internet, they were known to very few. Maybe it’s just an innate fear of the "C" word. Certainly the evidence suggests that what is going on is planned.
But are they secret enough to be part of a (shudder) conspiracy. Certainly, the encyclopedias will make them known to all. Let’s take a look at what the encyclopedias say.

Encyclopedia Brittanica has this to say about the Council on Foreign Relations: " "

Encyclopedia Americana says this: " "

Of those on my computer, Microsoft Encarta 2002 Comments: " "
(Although it had no article on the Council, it did have several articles in which the CFR was mentioned including five regarding Rockefeller Foundation Funding.)

Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia 1999 goes whole hog: "The Council on Foreign Relations, founded in 1921, is an organization concerned with the international aspects of U.S. political, economic, and strategic matters. With a membership of almost 3,000 the council provides a forum for individuals with an interest in international affairs and sponsors research projects by its professional staff advised by selected leaders in education, public service, business, and the media. The council publishes the influential bimonthly Foreign Affairs and produces programs on National Public Radio. Its headquarters are in New York City."

World Book 2003 says: "Council on Foreign Relations is a private organization that studies problems in United States foreign policy. The council aims to develop new approaches to, and an understanding of, international relations. It does not, however, support or oppose any course of action.

The council encourages the publication of books on foreign affairs. The authors of these books need not be council members. However, they receive advice from study groups made up of experts who are members. Since 1922, the council has published a quarterly magazine called Foreign Affairs.

The Council on Foreign Relations sponsors about 150 meetings yearly for members. Leading government officials and experts in foreign affairs address the meetings. The council offers fellowships to selected individuals to broaden their knowledge of foreign affairs.

The council was established in 1921 and has over 2,500 members. It selects members for their experience and interest in foreign affairs. More than 35 committees on foreign relations in cities throughout the United States are associated with the council. The Council on Foreign Relations has headquarters at 58 E. 68th Street, New York, NY 10021. "

Critically reviewed by the Council on Foreign Relations
(Yes! World Book says all this, but only with the approval of the CFR)

A printed version of World Book tells us: "The Council on Foreign Relations is a private organization, publisher, and study center in the United States. It works to encourage understanding of global issues and to develop new approaches to U.S. foreign policy. The council promotes debates and discussions to help clarify world issues. It also encourages the publication of books on foreign affairs. Since 1922, the council has published a quarterly magazine called Foreign Affairs.

The Council on Foreign Relations sponsors a number of meetings yearly for members. Leading government officials and experts in foreign affairs address the meetings. The council offers fellowships to selected individuals to broaden their knowledge of foreign affairs.

The council was established in 1921 and has about 4000 members. It selects members for their experience and interest in foreign affairs. The Council on Foreign Relations has headquarters in New York City. It also has offices in Washington, D.C. The council operates programs throughout the United States. "

Critically reviewed by the Council on Foreign Relations
(Once again, with permission only)

I have two other encyclopedias on my computer that have the same comments: " "

Finally, Wikipedia has a lengthy article that includes a link to this "independent study," "Building a North American Community" sponsored by the Council. Of course, it is said within the article that national sovereignty will be maintained. Riiiight! What’s left of it. This is the same line we heard fighting internal regionalism. It’s to "strengthen" local government. Right! By merging it into larger units as they plan to do with the United States. Watch what they do, not what they say.

Amazing how the mainstream encyclopedias can virtually overlook so powerful an organization.

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  1. Thanks for your post sceuron. When someone goes to this length to try to ridicule what I've written it tells me that it is having enough effect to upset some people. It also tells me that you have no way to refute the facts I've posted.

    Thanks, too, for an excellent example of what I call disinformation or discreditation sites. These sites mirror legitimate conspiracy sites sometimes linking to them and then couple the legitimate with stories of fourth dimensional reptile aliens or covens of witches. The objective is to discredit the truth by causing people to associate it with the absurd theories presented in the discreditation sites. I've got to admit, I hadn't seen the "squirrel" or "sewage" bits before. Did you see them somewhere else or are they products of your imagination?

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    These subterraneans have a complex underground world of tunnels which connect them to major secret underground archives of many powerful organisations. Their central offices are in fact hidden unerneath Vatican Hill and connect to the Vatican archives, where cloaked aliens are mistaken for apparitions of dead popes. The pyramids of Egypt have long been laboratories where they experiment on humans. The aliens thusly manipulate Vatican, White House and Kremlin archives to control world events. Their peculiar-shaped single eye, surrounded with pyramid-like horn-bone structure has served as the symbol for the masonic and illuminatist movements, whose highest-ranking members attend the councils of the subterranean masters. The horn-bone is also the basis of the unicorn myth. They had also fooled the Jewish people into thinking they were a tribe, and so actually form the mythical "lost tribe" of Israel, as well as the supposed lost continent of Atlantis. Petroleum is actually synthetically produced from their sewage and they pipe it into reserviors we mistakenly call oilfields, and by manipulating the appearance of oil, they further control world events by sending oil mostly to Islamic countries succeptible to subterranean-inspired superstitions - The famous meteor of Muhammad was actually fired by the reptoids to help the subterraneans do so.
    Common UFO drones are greys which were bred to serve the reptoids, and some have been bred for earth and disguised as some, but not all, monkeys. The monkeys which spread AIDS to humanity were actually greys, as were the Ashanti who sold African slaves to the West. The fallen blues fought a nuclear war with the reptoids on earth which led to the extinction of reptoid-derived dinosaurs, allowing humanoids to first settle the earth. The time-travelling Pleiadians are the source of Judeao-Christian deity, and the Haryapans (commonly called "Aryans" and after whom Harappa was named) are the source of Hindu-Graeco-Nordic deity. Humanoids from Sirius are the combined source of the Mongolian, Shinto and AmerIndian deities, and those from Vega are the source of African animist deities.
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